Simon is back! For one weekend…

Seascape specialist Simon Read was one of our first regular exhibitors when we opened seven and a half years ago, responsible for some of our earliest sales of pictures in the gallery. Then he moved to live in Pembrokeshire…

We will shortly be welcoming him back – for one weekend – and we are looking forward to catching up with him. If you would like to look at his recent paintings and talk to Simon about his work (and perhaps even take home one of his pictures) he will be in the gallery on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 8, 9 and 10. We are looking forward to it…

A different angle

Observatory by Simon Read (oil)
Observatory by Simon Read (oil)
Here’s a side of Simon Read you may not be aware of!
Simon is well known for his atmospheric seascapes, but another long-term preoccupation has been the abstract canvases he can often be found quietly working away on.
He doesn’t show them often, though, so there’s a novel aspect to our new exhibition of Simon’s paintings: we have been able to hang a number of the abstract pictures alongside his seascapes and landscapes.
The exhibition starts on Saturday February 28.