February 12 to March 21 2018

Drawings and prints by Sarah Woolfenden

Sarah Woolfenden’s finely-worked pen and ink drawings have made her one of our favourite gallery artists. In this exhibition we have been able to include three of her originals (£1,650 to £2,200) as well as framed prints (£110 to £295).


March 24 to  May 14 2018

New paintings by Philip Winstone; sculpture by Brendon Murless

We caught up with Philip Winstone in 2016, and first showed his work as part of a mixed show in early 2017. We we pleased to discover that other people liked his paintings as much as we did,  so we had little hesitation in inviting him back for a complete show of his own. His  pictures are on show alongside the sculpture of Brendon Murless, who has built a substantial reputation for work which embraces traditional techniques and a contemporary approach.


May 19 to June 29 2018

New paintings by Jan Walker; ceramics by David Walker

We count ourselves lucky to have been able, from time to time, to show Jan walker’s paintings, and we are delighted to welcome her back in what will be the first significant show of her work for two years. Those familiar with Jan’s pictures will know that they are the result of her long-standing fascination with Dorset’s sea cliffs and the processes that created them, their complexity paralleled in the textured and repeatedly re-worked surface of the paintings. On show at the same time: new ceramics by David Walker. Many people have been asking us when we would again be showing David’s raku work; the answer is: May 19 to June 29 2018!


July 14 to August 28 2018

Gallery Summer Show: artists including John Boyd, Jan Walker, Rob Adams, Colin Willey, Judy Tate, Philip Winstone.

A number of our favourite Dorset painters in one spot! We always look forward to this one, and we feel sure you will enjoy it as much as us…


September 1 to September 30

New paintings by leading Dorset landscape painter Colin Willey


October 1 to December 31

Mixed exhibition with paintings by John Boyd, Colin Willey, Jan Walker and Simon Read; drawings and prints by Sarah Woolfenden; glass by Bob Crooks and Matt Adkins.